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Our History

NextGen Sportz Association (NSA) has been incorporated since December 2014 and has a governing Board of Directors of three individuals and growing. The staff and volunteers have been involved in coaching young women in this type of programming for over 14 years. In addition to connecting with young women through sports training, NSA has a Beyond the Court Division that focuses on preparing them for success off the court as well. Our multidisciplinary team has combined all of our knowledge and expertise to provide well-organized and executed programs for developing young women ages 10 - 19 in Volleyball, Basketball and Personal Development. ​ We have started our organization with three Division; Evolution, Elite and Beyond the Court. Our Evolution Girls Division is comprised of an all-female team of basketball and/or volleyball coaches. The team consists of trained Level 1 coaches with 5 - 20 years of experience. It is our mandate to ensure that all future coaches will be at least level 1 trained, or higher. NSA provides our athletes a fun and safe environment to learn and grow in the fundamentals of volleyball and basketball. These athletes have an opportunity to participate in drills, team games, clinics and tournaments. The program is divided into two seasons focusing on individual development in Season One, and team development in Season Two. Our Elite Girls Division offers the same level of coaching with the difference of this being higher level in competition.  These two programs The On & Off the Court Program for ages 14 - 19 and The Power Up Elementary Program for ages 10 - 13, is a three tier program designed to provide the athlete with a more in-depth understanding of the correlation between the physical and mental development, how it impacts their proficiency in the sport and with a higher competitive skill level. ​ The three tiers of the program are; Skill Development: We provide qualified coaches that implement drills and exercises to improve athletic skills in a fun and interactive way. Athlete Development: We engage qualified trainers to facilitate exercises designed to improve flexibility, joint mobility, cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. Beyond the Court Division: As defined below.  ​ Our Beyond the Court Division offers programs that are designed to educate and expand the participant’s thinking and behaviour to master life and social skills in different facets of their lives. We will provide training in the following areas: Identity, self-esteem, organization, communication, self-regulation, and discipline. We are committed to providing tools to facilitate change in the lives of youth that will in turn impact their families and communities. NSA Family Services is one of the Beyond the Court Division services offered on a case by case basis as needed. It consists of advocacy, transportation, and acting as community liaison. Our staff members are trained in Child and Youth Work and Social Work which provides a unique component to our organization allowing us to train our athletes from a holistic perspective.

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Mission & Vision

​NextGen Sportz Association (NSA) is a not-for-profit corporation that believes all youth deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential in sports. We exist to level the playing field for the youth of our city by addressing the financial barriers and providing direct access to high, quality coaches. In addition to connecting with young women through sports training, NSA integrates additional training that prepares them for success off the court as well. In an effort to develop each youth as a whole person,we focus on ensuring that participants come away from our programs stronger physically, mentally and socially.

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