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Beach Clinics

Beach Volleyball Clinics offers fundamental skill training for youth in a fun environment.  Our program is in partnership with Richmond Hill and we provide a safe place where they can learn at any skill level.

Richmond Hill

Volleyball on Sand

Beach Volleyball Clinics



Beach Volleyball Clinic - Coed

Age - 9-13 yrs

Date - Saturday

Time - 10am-1pm

Beach Volleyball Clinic - Coed

Age - 14-17 yrs

Date - Saturday

Time - 1:30-4:30pm

Registration is CLOSED

​Dates N/A

Spots Available for each clinic - 25

Location - Lake Wilcox Park

Any information could be subject to change due to covid protocols

You can reserve your spot by email here

Note which clinic you want to participate in with your name, email and phone number.


Registration will be online through the Richmond Hill website click the 'Register' button below. (search 'beach')

(we will note when online registration is open)

Participants can also register in person at any of the Richmond Hill community centers or pools.

(due to covid in person registration will not be allowed)

Note: There is also a $10 fee charged to all non-resident participants who register for a City of Richmond Hill program.

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