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Fall Season (September-December) - CLOSED
Winter/Spring Season (January-May) - CLOSED
Summer (July-August) - OPEN

NextGen Sportz is back and our programs are back up and running!!!

Check out our pages for more information about each programs.

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Featured Programs


The SPIKES Girls Volleyball Program offers skills training to our younger athletes where you can have a ton of fun, even while learning the fundamentals of the sport.  Our program is in partnership with Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA), we provide athletes a safe environment where they can learn and grow at any level in the development of the sport...


The Evolution Girls Division offers Volleyball & Basketball Programs for all skill levels. Our aim is to provide athletes the opportunity to have fun, be in a safe environment, but at the same time learn the fundamentals and grow in the development of the sport...


The Elite Girls Division offers competitive training programs to athletes that what to work, learn and grow stronger in the fundamentals at a more advanced level...

Beyond the Court

The Beyond the Court Division offers participants the tools to facilitate change in the lives of youth that will in turn impact their families and homes. Our goal is to provide a fun, safe and enriching environment...


The Summer Volleyball Program offers fundamental skill training as well as the developmental growth for youth and adults in a fun environment. Some of our programs are in partnership with Richmond Hill and we provide a safe place where you can learn at any skill level...


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