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What is the spikes division?

Our SPIKES Girls Volleyball Program offers skills training to our younger athletes where you can have a ton of fun, even while learning the fundamentals of the sport. Our program, in partnership with Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA), provides athletes a safe environment where they can learn and grow at any level in the development of the sport.

Our SPIKES programs teach athleticism, team play, leadership, while centring fun and building friendships! They also have an opportunity to participate in team games, drills and a tournament organized by NSA.

Our programs are structured into seasons during which we devote time to honing particular skills.


The fall season operates from September to December and offers the athletes the opportunity to work on developing their individual skills including consistent serving, bumping, rotations, volleying, and more.


The winter/spring season season extends from January to June and offers our athletes the chance to put the skills from the previous season to use by competing in tournaments with other volleyball organizations and internal competitions.

All skill levels are welcome in our SPIKES programs. 

SPIKES® has been developed by Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA). NextGen Sportz Association (NSA) is authorized to deliver the SPIKES® program.

The SPIKES Girls Volleyball Program is a recreational and competitive program for girls between the ages of 10 to 13. The program occurs weekly on Mondays from 7PM to 9PM at Ellesmere Community Centre, 20 Canadian Road

Registration is currently closed for the fall and winter seasons. Please see our summer programs for current offerings. 

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